Your Steps to Cash Loans

With a bad credit score, you might think it’s complicated or near impossible to get a fast loan, but that is only the case when you go to a traditional bank or financing company. We want to lead you to online lenders who are willing to review requests from bad credit consumers. Send us your inquiry form and you could be accepted by one of our lenders.

Complete the Online Request

When you’re ready for a bad credit loan, go to our website and complete the short and easy request form. Submit it to us and we will help find a lender.

Speedy Loan Process

From beginning to end, you’ll notice how fast our online referral system works. We’ll send your request out to a group of trusted lenders for review. When it is accepted by one of them, you’ll be notified and you’ll get an offer to sign.

Final Step to Cash

If the offer you received will help you with your urgent financial needs, sign it and send it back to your lender. You can soon pick up your money and spend it on whatever emergencies you have, without restriction.

Why Capital Payday Lonas?

Ready to Serve You

We have a willing staff that is just waiting for the chance to share our list of reputable lenders with you. You won’t need to spend time finding a lender on your own when you send your online request to us!

No Pressure to Sign

When you get an offer from one of our lenders, you don’t need to feel under pressure to sign it. If it’s not exactly what you were hoping for, speak to your lender. There is no obligation to sign.

Fast and Simple

There are no complicated steps in getting your quick loan when you send your request to Capital Payday Lonas. Try it today and see!

Help with a Smile

We know what it’s like to need money quickly and we are glad to be able to help you. You won’t have to pay anything for our help with finding a lender for you – it’s free!

About Us

Our business is to help people who need to find a lender for fast and simple loans. We don’t want you to have to spend endless hours looking for a lender on your own, so we offer you our free service. Let us refer your urgent request for a bad credit loan to our list of online lenders. They are quick to offer their credit review and are fast to prepare the emergency funds you need for any financial problem you are facing today.

When you send your request for an urgent loan to Capital Payday Lonas, your inquiry goes out to multiple lenders all at once, to save you time. When a lender accepts your inquiry, you will not only be advised, but you’ll also get an offer to sign. How fast is that!!! It’s your decision if you want to accept the loan offer – no one will pressure you into signing it. If it’s the answer to your need for fast cash, then sign it and your lender will be happy to prepare your funds.

Let’s Work Together to Get Your Fast Cash Today!

Submit your online inquiry form now and we’ll get started!

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