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Payday Loans in Colorado: How to Get Approved [2022]

When you have a bad credit history, getting approved for loans can be challenging. But that's what a line of credit is here for!

With a line of credit, you can sign the contract the SAME DAY and receive the cash deposited into your account the next day!

Many factors are taken into account, like your income and how you spend it, your spending habits, and your potential.

In this article, we will walk you through everything! We also answer other questions you may have at the end of this article!

How Personal Loans for Bad Credit Work

Credit loans, also known as personal loans or installment loans for bad credit, work the same way as credit cards, but without the actual credit card.

It is a long-term loan where you receive a credit limit amount from which you can borrow money.

You receive a monthly billing statement indicating your total debt amount and the minimum payment you have to make for that billing period.

Credit loans have no fixed repayment schedule and are considered open credit, which means that once the line of credit is opened, it continues to be open until you close it.

Unlike other online loans that end automatically once all your debt amounts are paid, a line of credit remains open whether you are borrowing money or not.

This type of loan is usually for borrowers who can not get cash advances and need to cover their expenses until the next paycheck or suddenly find themselves in a financial emergency.

Why You Should Get an Installment Loan

Let's look at the benefits of taking out personal loans for bad credit history.

Fast Approval

With a personal loan, you can get approved within only a few minutes, and always on the SAME BUSINESS DAY.

After approval, the cash you need is deposited into your account on the next business day.

Apply Online

Credit loans now have ONLINE lenders as well.

You can save yourself the trouble of driving to a loaning agency since online loans for a credit line are now available!

Everything from filling out the application form, submitting the required documents, and getting approved can all be completed from the comfort of your bedroom!

Easy and Hassle-Free

Lenders of personal loans understand the urgency of your situation, so they have made the process SIMPLE and CONVENIENT.

There is little paperwork required, and the entire process is straightforward.

And because personal loans for bad credit are now made available online, the entire process is faster and easier!

No Minimum Credit Score Required

This benefit is one of the most enticing ones!

When it comes to a personal loan, no credit score is too low!

Loaners understand that not all borrowers have good credit scores and that this prevents them from getting loans from traditional banks.

Some lenders of bad credit personal loans will still check your credit report, but you don't have to worry too much about that affecting your loan application decision.

However, it will give those with a good credit score lower interest rates.

No Fixed Repayment Terms

One of the biggest pros of installment loans over other short-term loans for emergencies is that there is no fixed due date on when you are expected to settle ALL of your debt.

With a personal loan agreement, you pay your debt in installments monthly, making it easier for your wallet while still enjoying the benefits of fast cash when needed.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Personal Loan?

You can apply for a credit limit loan if you are:

  • At least18 years old
  • A U.S. Citizen
  • A resident of Colorado Springs
  • Receiving a steady stream of income
  • Have either a savings account or a checking account under your name that has been active for the last 30 days

How to Apply for a Personal Loan

Luckily, as we mentioned earlier, the process for applying for these loans is very easy!

Let us walk you through the four simple steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Online Lender

The first thing you need to do is choose the BEST online loans for you.

Scour the internet for loans for those with bad credit history and compare multiple lenders to see which one suits you best.

In looking for the best personal loan, look for these things:

  • Low-interest rates
  • Low fees
  • Good customer reviews
  • Lender legitimacy

Remember to thoroughly vet your loaning agent as well to prevent scams or any kind of mishaps.

Step 2: Apply for Online Loans

After you have chosen which bad credit loans lender to borrow from, proceed to their website to start your application.

On the first page of their website, you will be asked to create an online account.

Make sure that you take note of your username and password, as you will be using this account for the whole duration of your bad credit loans.

After creating an account, fill out the online application form.

Step 3: Verify Your Bank Account

After completing your application form, you will next be prompted to verify your bank account.

This step is important because this bank account is where you will be able to receive your loan money, and it is also where you can make payments to your bad credit lenders.

Step 4: Submit Additional Documents

Lastly, you will be prompted to submit your required documents to your credit line lenders online.

The required papers depend from lender to lender, but the basics are usually proof of your citizenship and residency and an income proof document.

Step 5: Get Your Money!

Once you get the final approval on your application, you will be connected to a direct lender who will inform you of the following:

  • Loan rates
  • Credit limit amount
  • Credit loan terms
  • Billing cycle schedule
  • Other additional information

After you agree to the terms, you can sign a contract with your direct lender. They will deposit your cash loan into your account the next business day!

How to Repay Your Payday Loan Amount

When your credit line loan is approved, you can take out cash loans as needed.

The loan is available any time, but you don't have to immediately borrow if you don't need a loan yet.

  • The lender will charge the interest rates the moment you take out your first credit loan, and until you fully pay off the total loan amount, you will receive a billing statement every month.
  • The usual billing cycle is 28 days, so it will not fall on the same day every month.
  • At the end of every billing cycle, you are informed of the current balance and the minimum payment that you have to make that month.

However, if you would rather pay the entire amount at once or more than the minimum payment required, you can also do so.

Just get in touch with your lenders and let them know so that they can assist you. Once all your debt is paid off, your credit limit is open again for a new credit loan!

TAKE NOTE: Your poor credit loan is open-ended and revolving, which means thatit will not automatically close once you are donepaying off your loan.

It's just there until you need to take out another credit loan or until you decide to close it.

Alternative Loans if You Have a Bad Credit Score

There are many other lenders for low credit score holders, so let's check them out before you take out credit line loans.

Car Title Loans / Auto Loans

A car title loan offersfast, easy, and convenient same-day cash loansto borrowers who own a car (or any vehicle, such as a motorcycle, boat, RV, etc.)

Your car is not required to be fully paid for, but it is RECOMMENDED, as you will likely gain more money from it.

Lenders hold on to the car title and not the car itself, so you can still use it throughout the duration of the loan!

And, of course, a poor credit score does not affect lending decisions.

While these types of loans seem easy and hassle-free, some risks include high-interest rates, expensive lender fees, and the possibility of losing your car.

Payday Loans

This type of loan is popular among low credit score borrowers.

A payday loan also offers no credit check, cash today, and an easy approval loan process.

You also don't need collateral to get approved for a payday loan; because of this, you can only take out a small loan sum.

With payday loans, your loan is against your next paycheck, and the due loan date is adjusted so that you can pay back your lenders as soon as you get paid.

Signature Loans

A signature loan is another unsecured loan that relies only on good faith and your signature to repay the loan, hence the name.

It is similar to a credit line loan, as it does not require collateral to get approved, and they have similar high-interest rates as well.

However, most lenders of signature loans charge a lower interest rate compared to a line of credit.

Also, most lenders of signature loans require you toeitherhave a good credit score OR get a cosigner with a good credit score to be approved.

If you have a bad credit score, you can ask for help from someone who has a good credit score to help you out with this loan!

Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn Shop loans are one of the EASIEST loans to get for borrowers with low credit scores because they will not even look at your credit history!

Instead, you can present any valuable item, such as jewelry, electronic gadgets, musical instruments or antiques, to a pawn shop.

The pawn shop dealer will appraise it, and you can borrow cash against that estimated value.

The lenders will hold on to the items until you pay off the total debt (principal amount plus interest), and you get your items back after that!

Credit Unions

You have to be a member to be able to take out a loan this way, but it is one of the best financial institutions to loan from if you have a poor credit score.

This is because this type of lender looks at many factors beyond your credit score and takes your record as a member into account.

So if you have a good record as a member, you will probably get your loan with them approved, and at a lower interest rate as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about some aspects of a line of credit? Let's answer them all!

What Debt-To-Income Ratio Do Lenders Look For?

Many lenders usually look for a 36% debt to income, but others can accept a borrower that has up to 46%.

Your debt to income is computed by your monthly debt payments divided by your monthly income.

Is Taking Out Debt Consolidation Loans a Good Idea?

It depends on your financial needs.

It is a type of refinancing in which you take out a loan to pay for another loan, and it can temporarily hurt your credit.

You could end up losing more money in the end!

But if you currently have multiple loans and you're considering consolidating debt to combine all of them into one debt, you might be able to save on rates and fees.

You will also no longer have multiple payments to worry about and thus reduce your chances of missing a payment or making a late one.

What Are the Usual Charges of Lenders That Provide Loans for Bad Credit?

The common fees that are charged are:

  • Lender's fees
  • Late payment penalties
  • Bounced check penalties
  • Processing fees
  • Document fees
  • Sometimes an origination fee

Which fees will your lender charge?

It can vary depending on your chosen lender, so compare these as well while looking for the best lender.

Is the Annual Percentage Rate for Line of Credit Fixed?


Your interest rates will depend on your credit score and the amount you will be borrowing, so it's different for every borrower.

It might also change every time you borrow.

The more you successfully pay back the loans you take out from your line of credit, the lower your interest rate becomes.

What Is the Billing Cycle for a Line of Credit?

The billing cycle is usually 28 days, which means that it will fall on a different day each month.

Will My Line of Credit Help My Credit Score?


If you continue making on-time payments on your debt, it is reported to the credit bureaus and will reflect on your credit report.

It's a good way to start building a good credit history!

You can also keep your line of creditopen for future cash needs after your immediate cash need has passed and all of your debts have been paid off.

Must I Be Employed to Get Approved?

No, but you need to have a steady source of income.

If you own a business or are self-employed, just submit any proof of income to your lenders.

The same is true if you receive retirement or social security benefits because they are both reliable sources of income.


A bad credit loan is flexible, convenient, and fast!

You are given a credit limit from which you can loan, and you can access your loan as needed, anytime you want.

You can also repay the loan amounts immediately in a lump sum or in installments every billing cycle, and interest rates are charged only upon the first loan you take out.

Online loans are considered lower-risk loans compared to credit card loans.

But credit limit loans are also more expensive than traditional loans like mortgages and other secure loans that require collateral.

Remember to take caution, explore your options well, compare companies that offer personal loans, and pick the best lenders meticulously, and everything should go smoothly!


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