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Do you need help finding a lender for a fast loan? We offer help in locating lenders who can provide quick credit reviews and fast online loans. Let us help!

What exactly is a bad credit score?

A consumer’s credit score can be evaluated through a system referred to as FICO. This automatic scoring system takes into account a person’s financial status that includes how much debt is owed, if bills get paid on time and general buying habits. That means, if you do not regularly pay your bills on time, or if you spend more than you earn and are in deep debt, your credit score won’t be good. If a credit score is evaluated to be less than 620, it is a bad credit rating.

My credit history is bad, but I need a loan now. Is it possible to be approved?

You can quickly find out if your request for a bad credit loan can be accepted by sending us your request. We won’t waste any time in sharing your needs with the lenders on our list. They’ll perform a fast credit review so that you’ll know right away if your request is accepted. Even requests from people with bad credit scores can be accepted, so don’t wait to contact us!

Is the credit score important when asking for a loan?

If you want to get a new loan, the lender will want to know how much risk is involved. Are you someone who always pays their bills on time? Are you already stuck with a lot of unpaid debt? The way a lender knows the answers to these questions is by looking at your credit score. If you have a great credit rating, then a lender will be able to offer terms that are more attractive. If the lender notices a bad credit score, the terms of the loan will need to reflect the added risk the lender is taking. Find out more when you send us your online inquiry form.

If my credit score isn’t great, is there a way to repair it?

There are quick steps you can take that should improve your credit score noticeably. First of all, make sure you are always paying bills on time. Many times a person’s credit score is bad simply because they don’t pay attention to due dates. Another way you can get a bad credit rating is by owing too much money. If you are carrying a lot of debt today, start getting that paid down. These two simple steps should help your score right away.

Is there anyone out there who I can turn to for help with my bad credit score?

You can find professional financial advisors as well as private individuals who can help you with your credit score. The trick is to find someone you trust with your personal information. You can check online reviews or ask friends and family members for suggestions. When you find someone you feel comfortable with, share your details with them so they can offer tips to help your score. If a quick loan would help, contact us at Capital Payday Lonas.

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