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Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans: How to Apply in 2022

Are you looking to get a motorcycle but lacking the funds? Getting a personal loan is an option for you.

Are you afraid your poor credit will get in the way of your loan? Loans are still an option, but you can get a bad credit motorcycle loan rather than personal loans!

Read on to see how you can apply for motorcycle loans today.

How to Get Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans in 5 Ways

You can get a loan to fund your prospective motorcycle despite having a less-than-ideal credit history.

As with most bad credit loans, a bad credit motorcycle loan will have high-interest rates.

If you have a bad credit history, chances are you are already in a bad way, financially speaking. So it would be best if you were doubly careful with those with big collateral or interest rates.

1) Determine if You Can First Increase Your Score

The first thing you should try out is to see if there’s a way you can make your credit report look better.

As we mentioned, bad credit loan rates are quite high. You can get better deals, interest rates, and loan terms with good credit.

So if you can wait a little longer and delay gratification on that new bike, it would do you good financially to do so.

Further down the article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of doing said action.

2) Confirm Your Credit Score

Now that you decided to get that motorcycle loan, the first thing you need to think about is finding out your credit score.

It’s important to know your credit score when applying for a loan, no matter what kind of loan it may be.

Certain credit bureaus offer free credit report copies for borrowers. So try to research which of these credit bureaus are near you.

3) Make Sure That You Can Repay the Loan You’re Taking Out

This is a basic concept when dealing with motorcycle loans or any loan. But it’s basic enough that it should be mentioned anyway for good measure.

You should know WHEN the payment will be and HOW MUCH you should pay your lenders. With that information, try to see if you can pay off your motorcycle loans.

You should confirm whether you can afford the motorcycle with the loan you can afford to take out.

4) Do Your Research: Get the Best Rates for You

There are a lot of options for lenders that offer motorcycle loans. So you should compare rates among all the different bad motorcycle loan lenders.

Compare all the interest rates, costs, fees, etc., and determine which of the available lenders would be the best for your motorcycle financing.

5) Be Wary of Payday Loan Scams

Where there’s money, there are people who want to take advantage of that money.

Considering someone with bad credit is probably desperate, these bad actors that offer motorcycle loans will want to use that as leverage for their scam.

There are a few things for bad credit borrowers to look out for when canvassing for lenders.

  • Not being registered by the Federal Trade Commission, the state you’re getting your bad credit motorcycle loans from
  • Having upfront fees that should be part of the loan proceeds in the first place
  • Not having a physical office address
  • And not having a secured website

The Minimum Credit Record for a Motorcycle Loan

What minimum credit score should you have to get a good motorcycle loan?

The general rule for a motorcycle loan is having a credit score of around 670 to 850. Good credit is essential to get the most cost-effective rates.

What Are Good Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans to Apply For?

There are a lot of places to seek bad credit motorcycle financing. You can get it from banks, credit unions, etc.

1) Third Party Lender

There may be third-party lenders that will be willing to lend to you if there are others that refuse to do so.

However, you should know that third-party lenders have higher APRs, around the 6% range.

An online lender may be available depending on where you live. They only require your basic information, social security number, and credit score.

Of course, you need to tell them the purpose of the loan and how much you want to borrow.

Usually, applying online can save you some time, and you’ll be notified whether you qualify or not within a business day or so.

2) Secured Loan

A secured loan is a good option. With secured loans, the bank will take collateral; in this case, it’s your motorcycle you plan to buy.

Banks or credit unions can also take other options for the acceptable property. You can use your car, other motorcycles, or even your house.

Remember that you risk LOSING your property when you put them up as collateral! So think hard if losing a certain property is worth getting a new motorcycle.

Try not to lose your house over a motorcycle.

3) Dealer Financing

You can get a motorcycle loan straight from the source, the dealer, shop, or the manufacturer. This option, however, also has high-interest rates.

A dealership can offer online lender services. You will need to give the following info to the dealer when you apply.

  • Social security number
  • Contact Info
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Employer
  • Income

If you want the best deal, it’s a good idea to pay as much down payment as possible. It’s a good sign to the dealership that you’re committed to paying off the loan.

4) Personal Loan

Personal loans are a good option for people who are looking to finance a motorcycle purchase that’s easy to fund, like inexpensive or used motorcycles.

If you can complete the online applications, you can get approved quickly. It can be as fast as getting approval in just one business day!

There are other types of financing for borrowers to help you with financing your new bike. So try to search as much as possible before you jump the gun.

Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Your Credit Score

Another reasonable thing to consider is to improve your credit report before looking for bad credit motorcycle financing.

It would increase your chances of getting a good motorcycle loan with lower interest rates.

1) Pay Your Bills on Time

Make good on your monthly payment for your existing credit lines with banks, credit unions, etc.

Doing this will help your poor credit rise from a bad place, clearing your bad credit history.

2) Try to Lessen Your Debt

Before you make any loan decisions, it’s a good idea to pay any debt you may have. Paying off a debt or two will help your credit report look a little better to banks and credit unions.

3) Don’t Have Too Many Credit Lines

Try not to have an account with which you can accrue too much debt.

If you have too many credit cards from your bank, try deactivating that account with that bank as soon as that debt is cleared.

What if You Can’t Get a Bad Credit Motorcycle Loan?

What if you can’t get a good deal from a motorcycle lender? Can’t seal the deal with a motorcycle lender for a motorcycle loan?

If you’re looking for an example of what to do, here are a few.

If you’re adamant about getting a loan, you can phone a friend with no credit problems to cosign your contract. Just note that both people who borrow will be responsible for the loan.

If you don’t pay, you will both have worse credit.

You can forego lenders and loans and get financing from a lender and bank altogether. Go with the default option and pay with cash if you can. There are cheap options out there!

For example, you can get a cheaper bike or a secondhand to lower the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the most frequently asked questions article section!

Can I Finance a Motorcycle With a 500 Credit Score?

There is no minimum amount for people looking to get motorcycle loans. However, as we mentioned, better scores will net you a better rate and cost.

People with lower credit scores face stricter and higher rates compared to those with good scores.

What Credit Score Is Needed to Buy a Harley Davidson?

A Harley has no specific credit requirement, but solid credit history is always good. Try to aim for a credit of about 670 or above.

We recommend that you have a score equal to or more than the aforementioned score for lesser fees to pay during your loaning term!


It’s not the end of the line for poor credit borrowers to get that dream motorcycle. With a motorcycle loan, it’s definitely still possible!

REMEMBER: Research your lenders, mind your budget, mind your fees, submit your requirements, and you should be on the road to a motorcycle loan.

When you go to your lender or dealership, you’ll be knowledgeable enough to navigate your way to financing your shiny new toy.

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