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Learn more about bad credit loans in Washington. Get tips and suggestions on finding the right loan or financing option for your situation.

Payday Loans in Washington: Apply Now in 4 Simple Steps

Coming from numerous rejections and inconveniences, getting cash funding in Washington with a bad credit history can sometimes be frustrating.

Did you know there are more ways to get hassle-free, convenient, and fast money for borrowers with a poor credit history?introducing bad credit installment loans in Washington.

This article will help you understand how installment loans with poor credit history work in Washington.

What Is a Payday Loan?

Low credit installment loans let you borrow money even with your low credit score in a business day.

In most cases, these cash fundings are also called high-interest loans because of their excessive interest rates, given that they offer loans to frequently disapproved borrowers.

This instant approval bad credit installment loan is payable over an extended period and can be negotiated with direct or tribal lenders, depending on the agreement.

Alongside this, you will be repaying a fixed rate per term.

Due to its predatory nature and unreasonable rates, we recommend that these bad credit loans will only be applied for as needed and with reputable lenders.

How Do Payday Loans Work?

In Washington, bad credit loans are available in two modes: (1) a traditional loan and (2) an online installment loan, which makes things easy, fast, and convenient.

You also have the option to connect with a direct lender by contacting them online or by visiting their stores.

When you finally have your chosen lender, you may now submit an application form to determine if you are eligible for funding.

Depending on your cash funding type, loan amounts may range from $100 to $50,000.

In some states, these types of cash funding are banned due to their predatory nature.

Meanwhile, credit loans in Washington are legal, given that they own an operational license.

What Are the Types of Payday Loans (Washington)?

Here are the different non-installment and installment loan products perfect for borrowers with a bad credit score.

1) Personal Loans or Personal Installment Loans

A personal loan, an unsecured or secured loan, is usually given by a credit union, private lending company, or a bank.

If you opt for collateral-free funding, you're going for unsecured funding, which will require higher pay.

Meanwhile, secured personal cash funding will require you to put collateral such as a savings account; this will entail lower pay because of the collateral.

Installment loans have a flexible schedule to repay the loan and are usually negotiable between lenders and borrowers.

2) Payday Loans or Payday Installment Loans

Similar to the idea of a personal loan, a payday loan is also known as an installment loan.

Usually, the borrowed amount for payday loans is smaller than what you receive during the disbursement of your paycheck.

With this, lenders will give you a small loan amount and a shorter period to repay the loan by your next payday — hence the name, payday loan.

This installment loan is difficult to repay because of its higher interest rate and the shorter repayment period.

3) Title Loans or Auto Loans

If you have a car and are in dire need of money, title loans are for you. Title loans are secured loan that asks for your car's title as collateral for the instant cash you need.

For auto loans, you'll only be pawning your car title but not the car itself.

4) Pawnshop Loan or Pawn Installment Loan

Pawnshop loans, also considered short-term loans, are non-credit check installment loans.

The only requirement they'll ask you is to surrender an item of value, such as your jewelry pieces, electronic gadgets, etc.

The money you'll receive will depend on the overall condition of your item — model, make, and such.

Who Can Apply For a Payday Loan?

If you are someone who does not own a bank account or credit card and doesn't have wage or income advance access, bad credit loans may help you.

Since a bank and financial institution doesn't accept all of their applicants, such as those with poor credit scores and incomplete requirements, people rejected by them apply for a bad credit loan.

If you think you are part of these people, then applying for a bad credit personal loan should be your best option.

How to Apply for Payday Loans in Washington

Before getting yourself ready to apply for bad credit or personal cash funding, you must first check your eligibility.

The following are the initial requirements needed:


Here are the basic requirements you'll have to look out for before applying for online installment loans to direct lenders:

  • Must be at least 18 years old (legal age to borrow money in Washington)
  • Must have a bank account under your name
  • Must be a resident of Washington
  • Must earn at least a cumulated verifiable income of $1,000 per month
  • Must have a valid government-issued identification card

Here are some easy steps you can follow to apply for bad credit or personal loans in Washington successfully:

Step 1: Submit a Simple Online Form

First, you must fill up a form and provide your name, address, contact number, email address, and details about your loan (including loan amount, chosen repayment term, etc.).

Your application will be processed and sent to the best direct lenders for your chosen type of funding.

REMEMBER: Double-check all the details on the application form and verify if it is correct.

Step 2: Talk to Your Lender Immediately

Once you've found prospective lenders, you will be connected to them right away. They will check the initial form you submitted and take it from there.

During the conversation, your direct lender may be able to offer you exclusive perks such as lower interest rates, higher loan funds, and flexible repayment schedules.

Make sure to ask all questions you have in mind!

Step 3: Read and Sign the Contract

After you've discussed things with your lender, you will be given a loan agreement or a digital or fine print contract.

REMEMBER: Read everything CAREFULLY before you sign!

The written or online contract must contain the following necessary information:

  • Loan rates and amounts
  • Loan terms
  • Other fees
  • Origination fees
  • Interest rates (Annual Percentage Rates)
  • Prepayment penalties
  • Repayment schedule and terms

Step 4: Receive Your Funds Instantly

Right after signing your contract, you will receive your funds instantly either with your bank account or other agreed-upon modes of transfer.

The Benefits of Payday Loans (Washington)

Besides getting instant cash, here are other possible reasons people apply for a bad credit loan:

1) Convenient Loan Process

You won't ever have to line up without knowing if you'll qualify for a personal loan online.

You won't ever have to be bombarded with too many documents because online lenders have now made their services paperless!

2) No Credit Score Check

Good credit history will let you get a loan without going through an extensive process. Thus, borrowers with a low credit score will opt for personal loans, payday alternative loans, pawn loans, and title loans.

These types of cash funding in Washington no longer ask for a credit report; instead, they will ask for collateral or higher repayments.

3) Flexible Payment Terms and Rates

Credit bureaus and many lenders in Washington are lenient and will allow you to negotiate your loan term, monthly payments, and such.

For equal installments, the rate starts at a 5.94% annual percentage rate (APR), and a 3% origination fee for a thousand-dollar borrowed amount in a 24-month term.

Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Payday Loans in Washington

Before applying for Washington installment loans, you should know about these things:

Are Installment Loans Legal and Safe in Washington?

To summarize, yes, bad credit loans are considered to be legal in Washington. However, they articulated some laws to avoid predatory loans, one of which is Usury.

Usury law prohibits the lender from charging a higher interest rate than permitted under the law, which is at 12% APR.

This law applies to consumer loans unrelated to credit card debt.

Tips to Remember

Here are other factors to keep in mind when getting yourself some Washington installment loans:

  • Accompany your details, such as employment status, with a legitimate document to serve as proof.
  • Do consistently check your bank account on or before making payments.
  • It is best to apply in the morning during a business day to get your money immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about getting online installment loans in Washington:

Can I Get a Funding With a 550 Credit Score?

Since these are supposedly bad credit loans, a credit score of 550 should be okay. In some instances, such as pawn loans and title loans, it doesn't even matter.

In a nutshell, the minimum qualifying credit score depends on your direct lender. Most lenders will more likely approve loans with better rates to borrowers with a higher credit score.

NOTE: The average fico score in Washington is 734, which is pretty high.

What Kind of Cash Funding Does Not Check Credit?

Pawn and title cash funding will not conduct a credit check because of the collateral you will put in.

However, the conduct of a credit check for personal and payday loans depends on the direct lenders — some lenders will scrap off credit scores among their qualifications.

If you think your credit score will not make it to the cut-off or you don't have any collateral, consider applying for federal credit unions. This type of loan is strictly for community members.

What Is the Easiest Loan to Get Approved For?

The easiest loan to get approved for would probably be pawnshop funds since they no longer require you to undergo a certain application process and even submit a requirement.

Hence, they will only ask for your valuable item in exchange for your needed money.


Suppose you're in a financial emergency due to unprecedented events and other factors.

In that case, chances are you'll mostly succumb to getting a high-interest rate and short-term repayment loan through bad credit check installment loans.

Fortunately, a bad credit score is no longer a problem for your chosen lender, provided you must manage the personal loans well.

Therefore, you can apply for a bad credit loan in Washington now while the offer still stands!

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