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$5,000 Loan With Bad Credit: Full Guidelines & Requirements

Your credit score does not have to be a major concern when you need to borrow money.

We will help you through the options that you have to secure a $5000 loan.

Bad credit will NOT cause most lenders to turn you away here.

What Is a $5,000 Loan?

A loan for $5,000 is classified as a small loan. $5,000 is the upper limit for this type of loan.

You can get a $5,000 personal loan for various purposes, home and living expenses, credit card refinancing, debt consolidation, or even travel.

The loan amount is set at $5,000, but payments, charges, and terms will depend on the loan you opt for and the lender you go with.

Are You Eligible for a $5,000 Loan?

Eligibility starts with your age and residence. All lenders will require you to be at least 18 years old and a US resident.

Most lenders will publish that they have no minimum credit score requirement, but good credit will help you with fast and guaranteed approval and better loan offers.

Bad credit borrowers should have solid proof of income. Employment tenure should be at least 3 months, and other income sources should show consistency.

You will likely need a valid personal bank account. Multiple lenders will require a checking account specifically.

What Types of $5,000 Loans for Bad Credit Can I Apply For?

Even with a bad credit history, you can get a $5,000 loan and choose from the following options:

1. Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans are one of the common types of unsecured loans. It often has a loan amount of around $4,000 to $15,000.

Many borrowers who do not have a fair credit score turn to $5,000 personal loans to consolidate debt.

A personal loan can either be unsecured or secured

  • Unsecured personal loans do not require collateral
  • Secured or guaranteed personal loans require collateral in the form of your personal belongings

Personal Installment Loans

You can repay bad credit personal loans in a single payment, but most personal loans are installment loans.

In a bad credit installment loan, the repayment of the sum of your $5,000 personal loan plus its corresponding interest rates are divided into fixed monthly payments throughout the personal loan term.

The duration of your installment loan can range from 2 months to 2 years.

Your monthly payments will have a set due date every month. You must make your loan payments on time. A late or missed monthly payment may affect your credit rating.

2. Payday Loans

Credit scores do not matter at all in a payday loan. Direct lenders will only require you to repay the entire amount of your loan as soon as your next payday.

In contrast to an installment loan, this is one of the easiest bad credit loans you can apply for with guaranteed approval.

The disadvantage is that lenders may charge loan fees and a higher interest rate.

3. Credit Card Cash Advances

Another type of $5,000 personal loan you can get with guaranteed approval is credit card cash advances.

Your credit card issuer will not check your credit history. As long as you did not max out your credit card yet, you can withdraw the balance as cash.

The minimum loan amount for this is very low, and you can practically borrow any amount as long as it is within your credit card limit.

The downside is that banks have very high-interest rates for this, and charging starts as soon as you get your cash.

4. Car Title Loans

Car title loans are secured loans that require collateral through your vehicle title. You can use any vehicle such as a motorcycle, car, or truck as collateral.

Since this type of loan is secured, interest rates are generally lower than those of an unsecured loan.

A low credit score will not cause your lender to decline your loan. What matters more to title loan lenders are your capacity to repay the loan and the value of your vehicle.

However, you can lose your car in case you default on this loan.

Where Can I Apply for Loans With a Bad Credit Score?

Once you have chosen the type of loan that fits your budget and qualifications, you can approach the following lenders to know more and maybe pursue your loan:

1. Online Lenders

You do not have to go far to secure a loan with bad credit. You may only be a click away from your potential lender.

There are many direct lenders online who offer personal loans and online installment loans, but they usually charge an origination fee.

Regardless, we are sure that your search results will provide you with more than a couple of options for online lenders.

2. Banks

When it comes to loan offers, the first lender people often go to is the bank. The long-established standing of banks contributes to their reliability.

Also, because of this, banks have standards that they stick to. They will check credit scores, and you may have to go through paperwork and be more patient when dealing with banks.

3. Credit Unions

You can also secure poor credit loans from your local credit union.

Most credit unions will evaluate your credibility and membership over good credit.

The downside with these unions is that they may impose a low maximum loan amount and that approval may take a while because of their limited resources.

How to Apply for $5,000 Loans With No Credit Check

Various loans and lenders will require different documents and approval processes, but the general application for $5,000 poor credit loans goes as follows:


Like in any application, you will need proof of identification. You can submit any valid US government-issued ID with your photo and birthdate.

The next thing you will need to support is yourincome. You should be able to prove to your lender that you can repay the loan you are applying for.

Aside from your bank account statement, you can submit your payslips and certificate of employment if you are employed.

You can also submit business certificates, financial records, and other documents that show the regularity of your source of income.

Step 1: Check Your Credit Report

Know your credit position and find out what the result of your credit check could be before you decide on taking a certain loan. This will also help you manage your finances better.

Your report is available upon request through the major credit bureaus. It is a comprehensive record of your financial history, and it is accessible to all lenders.

Many lenders use this as a basis for loan approvals because of its accessibility and information.

Step 2: Choose a Lender

Once you know your credit standing, you can now focus your attention on the loan options available to you.

It is easy to start looking for an online lender in the comfort of your home. Banks and other traditional lending institutions have online websites also that you can check out.

Step 3: Fill Out an Application Form

Get a pre-approval from your lender by filling out an application form.

Give out your basic information to your chosen lender and find out if you qualify for the loans that they offer. If you get a pre-approval, you will also have clearer information about your loan terms.

A pre-approval will not mean your commitment to the loan. You can choose to pursue your loan or find another one.

Step 4: Submit Requirements and Sign the Agreement

Your lender will ask you to submit more documents if you wish to pursue your loan.

Gather these requirements and discuss with your lender other alternatives to those you cannot provide.

After you gather the requirements of your loan, sign the loan agreement. It contains your loan amounts, interest rate, and other loan terms. Make sure you fully understand them before affixing your signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Get a Loan for $5,000 With Bad Credit?

Yes. Although there is no 100% assurance of approval for bad credit personal loans, you stand more chances of getting $5,000 than traditional lenders.

It is even possible for the lenders we mentioned to not perform a credit check, but keep in mind that your bad credit score may land you a $5,000 personal loan withhigh interest.

What Is the Average Payment on a $5,000 Loan?

The interest rate of your personal loan varies depending on your bad or fair credit, location, the amount borrowed, and the type of loan.

Banks and other established lending institutions usually charge an APR from 4.99% to 19.99%. Your credit card cash advance can have an APR from 15.24% to 25.24%. Unions can charge an APR of up to 9.99%.

What Type of Loan Is the Easiest to Get With Bad Credit?

Accessible loans you can get with no minimum credit score needed are payday loans and credit card cash advances. Many lenders for these loans may not look at your credit rating at all.

However, repayment of these loans may be a challenge. Repayment for a payday loan is in bulk and due as soon as your next payday. Cash advances are expensive with daily interest charging.

A bad credit personal loan, specifically an installment loan will provide you with easy repayment. You can save money by making a low monthly payment throughout your loan duration.

Can I Get a Personal Loan With a Credit Score of 500?

It may be a stretch. The published credit score requirement of most online personal loan lenders starts at a credit score of 550.

An approved personal loan with this credit score may be charged with very high interest.


It’s time to get a $5,000 loan, even with bad credit!

Check your credit score and know more about the options you have to get the funds you need.

You may even be surprised with the PLENTY options available for you to get your $5,000.

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