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$10,000 Loan With Bad Credit: Complete Walkthrough Guide

There is always a misconception about not being able to get a loan when you have a poor credit score.

You must know that no matter how low your credit scores are, it will always be possible for you to get financial help.

Find out how you can still manage to get a personal loan even with a low credit score.

What Are $10,000 Loans?

A personal loan that asks for $10,000 even with poor credit is possible. We’re aware that common loan options for people with poor credit are directed to:

  • Payday loans
  • Cash advances
  • Credit cards

But those loans are only suitable for people who need a small amount of money. When you need $10,000, those won’t be enough.

The interest rates are much higher, which makes it more difficult for you to repay. Your credit card limit is too low, and payday loans are limited in many states to $1,000 or less.

You need other options. Bad credit loans could also be difficult because they are expensive with interest rates added, and the repayment terms may not be in your favor.

Eligibility Criteria for $10,000 Loans

There are five (5) requirements for personal loans for bad credit. However, these could still vary on different lenders.

But know that these are the requirements that each financial institution tends to look for in applicants:

Credit Score Requirements

Your credit score and history are among the most significant factors most lenders consider when assessing a loan application.

Credit scores range from 300 to 850 and are based on the following:

  1. Payment history
  2. Amount of credit debt and length of credit history

Most lenders require a minimum credit score requirement of 600 to qualify, but some accept borrowers without any credit history.


Lenders will impose income requirements on you to ensure you have the means to repay the loan.

The minimum income requirements also vary by lender. However, not all lenders will disclose minimum income requirements.

Debt to Income Ratio

The debt-to-income ratio is shown as a percentage and represents the portion of your gross monthly income that goes to your monthly debt service.

Lenders use DTI to predict your ability to make payments, even monthly payments on new and current debt.

A DTI of no more than 36% is enough, though some lenders will approve a highly qualified borrower with a ratio up to 50%.


Collateral is only required when you apply for a secured personal loan. Your lender will ask you to pledge any valuable asset.

Although secured personal loans can also be collateralized by other valuable assets, including:

  1. Investment accounts
  2. Real estates
  3. Cash accounts
  4. Collectibles like coins or precious metals

But if you delay your payments or default on your loan, the lender can repossess the collateral to even out the remaining loan balance.

Origination Fee

This is not part of the eligibility criteria, but most lenders will require you to pay personal loan origination fees.

Origination fees cover the cost of running credit checks, closing, and processing applications. These fees usually range from 1% to 8% of the total loan amount.

But the fees applied could depend on your credit score and loan amount. Some lenders collect the fees at closing, and some reduce them from the total loan amount.

Documents Needed for a Personal Loan

These are the documents you need when applying for a personal loan!

Loan Application

The formal document that the lender will require you to accomplish and submit to start the lending process.

Each lender has its application, which means specific requirements could depend.

Proof of Identity

Lenders will ask for at least two (2) forms of government-issued identification to prove that you are at legal age and a legal resident of the United States.

This action lessens the chances of identity theft. Accepted forms to prove identity are:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Passport
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Certificate of citizenship

Income Verification

Whether it’s an online lender, they will ask for your income verification and ensure you can repay the loan.

What Types of $10,000 Loans for Bad Credit Can I Apply For?

Try out these loan options and compare multiple lenders. See what arrangement is better for your situation!

1. Online Lenders

Getting a 10,000 personal loan from online lenders is completely safe and quick.

You don’t need to submit a lot of documents. Filling out the application form and applying only takes a few minutes.

The pre-approval is easy to pass even when you have a bad credit range.

2. Banks

Banks could be a great choice if you have a good to excellent credit range. You can find competitive rates in bank loans for bad credit too.

But you must expect a lot of documents for requirements, and the waiting time would be longer than at an online lender.

It’s more difficult to qualify for a bank loan, especially if you have a fair credit score or less.

Try consulting your current bank first and check their personal loan offers. If you have a great relationship with them, they could help you out.

3. Credit Unions

Most credit unions are nonprofit. You get a fair interest rate and won’t get charged as much because they’re not aiming for profit!

An excellent relationship with a credit union could be your key to qualifying for personal loans even if you don’t meet their requirements.

A credit union is also offered within your communities, so you don’t need to go very far.

Although a credit union may require you to have a membership to be eligible, credit unions are strict regarding memberships before granting loans.

4. Secured Loans

A secured loan is where the lender has no other assurance than your oath to repay the loan. That’s why credit merits are significant, it tells you about your previous financial behavior.

These loans can be installment loans or title loans that come with loan terms, prepayment penalties, and an annual percentage rate.

A bad credit score is a no-go for many lenders. It means you’re a high-risk borrower and don’t repay the money you loaned.

However, with a secured loan, if you have some collateral that’s worth $10,000, it benefits both you and your lender because it reduces the risk of giving you unsecured loans!

5. Home Equity Loan

This is a secured loan that you can only take out if you have equity built up in your house.

To meet the qualifications, you’ll need a loan-to-value ratio of 80%, meaning you must own at least 20% of the equity of your house.

This is a great option if you own your house. You get an average interest rate and both a favorable repayment term and loan term!

Plus, once you pay it all off, it’s done. Once you borrow money again, you would need to apply again too!

How to Apply for $10,000 Loans With No Credit Check

Applying for a $10,000 personal loan does not require an excellent credit score. You just need to be stable enough to repay the loan!

The process is quick and easy, and you’ll get the money soon:

Step 1: Submit Your Personal Details

Go to your chosen online loan agent and fill out their online application form using your updated, authentic and correct personal details.

Once you’re done, submit the details to the loan agent!

Step 2: Wait to Be Connected to a Lender

You’ll eventually be connected to a lender among many financial services companies.

Rest assured that you will be paired up with a lender willing to give you a $10,000 personal loan despite not having a good credit score.

Step 3: Finish the Application on Your Lender’s Webpage

Complete the application on the webpage of your online direct lender and check out the personal loan offer that suits your situation the most.

Check if they offer loans with generous loan amounts, a good interest rate, etc.

Step 4: Sign Your $10000 Loan Bad Credit Contract

Once you get approved, you need to sign a contract.

Lenders must ALWAYS provide a contract, whether a bad credit loan or 10,000 personal loans. It’s a must.

Find all of these details on your contract:

  • Loan fees
  • Prepayment fees
  • Schedule for fixed monthly payments
  • Interest rate
  • Options for monthly loan payment

Step 5: Claim the Money

You can now instantly claim the money through your bank account virtually!

But you must know that the monthly payment will be collected automatically, so ensure your funds are enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about the topic:

Can I Really Get Approved for a $10,000 Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes, you can!

Whether you don’t have the best credit report, there are financial institutions and credit bureaus that would be willing to offer personal loans to you.

Can I Get a $10,000 Loan With a 500 Credit Score?

Frankly speaking, 500 is still good credit merit. However, there are precautions to be aware of.

Not all lenders will offer 10,000 personal loans to bad credit borrowers. Plus, it will be harder for you to repay with the interest rate added.

What Credit Do I Need for a $10,000 Loan?

You need a credit score of at least 670 or higher, and you must not have any credit card debt.

And, you’ll get cheaper interest rates if it’s a poor credit loan.

What Is the Monthly Payment on a $10,000 Personal Loan?

This will depend on the terms and conditions, but it would be helpful if you paid more than the minimum required payment slowly each month.

If you don’t think you can do that, it’s better to seek a debt consolidation loan instead!


No matter how low your credit score is, you will still be able to get the financial assistance you need.

If you meet the qualifications and requirements and have the means to repay the loan, you shouldn’t have to worry!

Just breathe, make your first move, and get that much-needed cash.

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